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Engineering and Construction
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Name Course Course Instructor Date The Air blade Tap by James Dyson In the context of engineering and construction, an invention refers to the process carried out by independent researchers and investigators through experimentation and mental activity with an aim of creating, discovering a new, or improving an existing material (“Utah State University” n.p.).


As such, most inventions are for commercial purposes since the invented product is equally costly. This paper will address the invention of the Air blade Tap by James Dyson for commercial purposes. Indeed, the Air blade Tap is of great significance to the engineering and construction industry. James Dyson with the help of the British engineering group, Dyson engineers, invented the Air blade Tap with a built-in dryer in 2006. The invention manifests top class technology in engineering. Indeed, the inventor James Dyson states that Dyson engineers used laser-cutting techniques to manipulate marine grade steel in creating this intuitive and high performance tap that can wash and dry hands (“Dyson” n.p.). Actually, the significance of the Air blade Tap has drawn widespread recognition in the world where it has won prestigious awards like the Best workplace product innovation and Best Overall Product at Interbuild in 2007. According to the Dyson engineering group, the Air blade tap combines a high-speed hand dryer with hot and cold-water outlets to offer services to the users. Indeed, technology is the basis for the company's Air blade dryer that is now available in most countries. ...
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