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The main goal or objective is to analyze the documentation of each of the three projects. The central idea being to start afresh and also have an expertise view on each kind of work that every single team was able to present and the content it contains.


The importance and the impact to be made or aimed should be to search and find the modest winner after complete evaluation or complete scrutinization. Three teams embarked on working on the same problem statement and as expected, each one of them came up with unique and different answers to the same problem statement they were all given. In particular, what is being emphasized and required from the three teams is to find out which team will be able to apply the relevant frameworks, knowledge, ability, ideas and skills so as to deliver in the end (Childs 20). The first team alphabetically which was team A came out with the problem being to design a method of burnishing a wet auto-test strip that conserves time while at the same time burnishing the entire surface. Moreover, they were to create a design that could be able to vary the normal force and rotational velocity applied to the burnishing tire. The second team came with the problem to be able to create and implement what can be attached to a tractor and was able to get or obtain its power from the tractors power of take off (PTO). ...
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