The role of construction manager and project manager

The role of construction manager and project manager Essay example
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The role of a project manager is restricted to the overall responsibility to ensure that a project launches with a plan that can, and that is executed through proper monitoring and control so that is successfully sees its completion (Haughey n.d.). Therefore, it is the job of the project manager to recognize the requirements for a project to be initiated, whereby he sets the objectives for the project.


On the other hand, a construction manager is charged with responsibilities similar to those of a project manager but there are certain distinct aspects in the role of the construction manager. Therefore, a construction manager is charged with the role of specifying project objectives and plans that include the delineation of scope. Thus, it the job of the construction manager to come up with strategies as to how the objectives of the construction work or project is to be carried out. This means that without the construction manager it is virtually impossible to run construction, as there is no distinct plan to be followed to completion of the work at hand. In addition, the manager sets the performance requirement so of the staff, as well as selects the participants of a project Project management is important, as it facilitates and ensures projects run smoothly, since it is the process charged with organizing, motivating, planning and control of resources. As such, I believe project management is the logical part of very project as it serves to hold together a project by having its objectives laid out, as without the objectives, there is no sense in having the project, where it has no goals to achieve. ...
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