The design of an automated external defibrillator

The design of an automated external defibrillator Essay example
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Abstract The incidences of myocardial infarctions maintain at all-time high in the United Kingdom generating a healthcare and economic concern. The availability of medical devices facilitates prompt response to medical emergencies with regard to cardiovascular conditions.


As such, this paper seeks to highlight the defibrillator in relation to the history, functional components and human engineering considerations. Defibrillators United Kingdom is faced with health crisis with the high incidences of heart attacks among its citizens. These indices are reportedly some of the highest in the world with cardiovascular diseases causing more deaths annually than any other disease or condition. It is estimated that of the 150,000 people who have heart attacks annually, 94,000 of them die owing to various variables (Handler and Coghlan 2008). Research indicates that over one million people over the age of 35 in the United Kingdom have suffered a heart attack, and a third of these victim die before getting to the hospital. The scale of the burden is felt in the economy with escalating costs of health care as indicated by the billions spent annually by the UK government on cardiovascular diseases (Handler and Coghlan 2008). The relatively high incidences of heart attacks in UK are of great concern to health care professionals and other stakeholders, which have seen them, consolidate their efforts in order to reduce the effects. Stakeholders such as medical engineers and manufacturers team up with healthcare professionals in an effort to brainstorm on the possible solutions in line with technological advances. ...
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