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Airbus A320 Control Problem Name Course Tutor Date Introduction An aviation investigation team received a distress call from the pilot of an airbus A 320 which had just started its journey from Frankfurt main airport headed to Paris on the airport. The flight contained 115 passengers.


The side sticks reacted oppositely such that when the side stick on the right was controlled, the plane moved in the opposite direction and vice versa. After the plane moved to a height of FL120 the crewmembers noticed the abnormality and sought to land the plane safely for further checking. The maintenance organization group took over the plane and repaired the plane but did not realize the fatal error they did while trying to repair the plane. No damage occurred to the plane and no injuries occurred to the people on board. This paper discusses and analyzes the findings of the aviation investigation team and makes the distinguishing mistakes done on the plane by the teams handling the repair. Research Findings and Analysis The team investigating the fatal error first recognized that the plane was on maintenance two days even before the flight and the plane had indicated the problem. The problem affected both ELAC number one and ELAC number two. The errors were both visible through the computer transmission. The elevator aileron computer controls the back angle of the plane. The researchers found out that despite repairing the elevator aileron computer, a bent pin on elevator aileron computer number one was not replaced and not repaired. The investigation also reveals that during the repair of ALAC number one, the entire rewiring process was incorrect. ...
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