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Contents Contents 1 Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Graphics and symbols 5 Part 1. Content explorer 5 Part 2. Autodesk Seek Content 6 9 10 Part 3. User interface 11 1.Auto complete Command Entry 11 2.Multifunction Grips 13 3.Nudge functionality 14 4.Quick property tool 14 Plot file search path 16 Written analysis 17 Written statement 19 Concluding statements 20 References 22 Glossary 23 Appendices 24 AutoCAD user guide Abstract (please tall more about AutoCAD History) This document; user guide, contains several parts including introduction which highlights the importance of this user guide, scope and limitation of this document.


Analysis also contains how the report from the research was used to modify the document. There are statements both written and concluding, these talk about the results of the tests, lessons learnt from the study, what was yet to be learnt. And to conclude, weaknesses, shortcomings and possible application of the document is discussed. Introduction Automatic computer aided designs is a technique of producing technical engineering drawings which is typically done by the use of computers; computers are the drawing tools. AutoCAD is one of the computer software: it is an application software (off – the – shelf package) specially designed for drawing purpose. The use of AutoCAD is aimed at ensuring that the product is of high quality; neat, presentable, appealing to the observer’s eye. The drawing process should be efficient and smooth thus drawer should have easy time using his apparatus. This yields to the need for some guide for the AutoCAD user. ...
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