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Name: Class: Instructor: Engineering Ethics Whistle-Blowing One of the duties of engineers is to protect the health and safety of the public. This is outlined in the code of ethics of professional engineering societies. This code of ethics grants engineers authority to blow the whistle on acts or projects that pose great harm to the public.


The whistle-blowing is kept within the organization. External whistle-blowing happens when the employee reports any act of wrongdoing by the organization to higher authorities outside the organization. This could be newspapers or any law-enforcement authority. Just like whistle-blowing in a football match, this act is termed as disloyal. The act of whistle-blowing could be anonymous when it is done by an employee who does not want to be identified or acknowledged when the whistle-blower reveals him or herself. Whistle-blowing may lead to distrust, disharmony and conflict among employees. Whistle-blowing should be attempted when the following four conditions are fully met; the need, proximity, capability and as a last resort (Fleddermann 108). Case Study: Vandivier the Whistle-Blower B.F. Goodrich Corporation was in-charge of producing breaks and wheels for military craft and became a major contractor to the Air Force. The design for the product was to be tested and the need for its performance mandatory so that the corporation could be awarded the contract. Materials that could work perfectly from the design were not available, hence the design failed to meet the required specifications. ...
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