alternative energy source, technology, or energy storage method

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Alternative Energy Resources [Author] [Institution] Introduction The increasing energy requirements of the world have started debate about energy deduction using alternative resources. Energy is the ultimate source of gaining power, advancement and development.


The roar of new energy alternatives can be heard throughout the globe but strings attached to them do not motivate governments and concerned authorities to take further measures. Some of the ideas however are exclusive and require expensive machinery to produce energy (Kuo, 36). The objective of this paper is present hawk-eye view regarding the production of energy through alternative sources. The technological advancements have eased everyday proceedings so utilizing them in the production of energy can bring substantial results. The study examines regions having alternative energy resources and their quest for the optimization of energy. The most recognized alternative methods of energy are nuclear energy, Hydropower, Bio diesel, Biomass, Geothermal, Solar hot water, Ethanol and Biomass electricity production models. The paper precisely examines the impact of energy production models in different countries. Special emphasizes on geothermal energy is put down to dissect it from all angles. What outcomes have the countries experienced after using alternative resources are epitomized in this research paper. Geothermal Energy Paradigm The focus of developed and developing countries has now been extensively shifted on geothermal energy. ...
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