Ethics, Professionalism and Contemporary Issues

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Ethics, Professionalism and Contemporary Issues Introduction Description of Human Trafficking This case concerns the contribution that technology has in human trafficking matters. Technology can either increase or decrease human trafficking depending on how its users engage it.


Throughout the design steps, there were minor considerations of the possible risks this game poses to the players, as far as human trafficking is concerned. However, a concerned player of my online game, who is concerned with the human trafficking issue, raised his genuine concerns about my game predisposing the young players to human trafficking, after being lured into the real world meetings. The concerns of this player should not be neglected, but considered seriously. This is because, with the sophistication of technology, human trafficking has taken advantage and flourished. As it is globally known, human trafficking is the illegal trade of people with the objective of selling them to forced labor, sexual slavery or tissue or organ extraction. Human trafficking is done through coercion, use of force, abduction, purchases or deception (Latonero 8). It has grown to be a lucrative business for some people despite being illegal and inhumane. This implies that users of the internet and other technologies ought to be cautious. How Technology has aided it Human trafficking is rampant especially through technology. Many people fall prey of this inhumane practice through coercion and deception, to submit their details and address lines over the internet. Thereafter, the traffickers lay a trap for the innocent internet users, abduct them, and trade them off (Latonero 10). ...
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