Automation System Implementation in manual process of a company

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AUTOMATIC SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION IN MANUAL PROCESS OF A COMPANY Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Automatic system implementation in the building assembling process of Turner Construction Company Turner Construction Company uses the old fashioned manual way of constructing buildings.


It has however stuck to the manual way of piecing together buildings. The construction of a building is a typical assembly process. It involves piecing together a number of standard items in order to come up with a customized product. The customized product is a building that is constructed according to the specifications of the owner. It could be a tall skyscraper towering above all the rest in the vicinity; a cylindrical structure; a dome shaped structure; an arc shaped structure or even a basic one roomed house. There are several standard items that form part of a house. A standard item is one which is produced in denominations of equal sizes. They are used everywhere in accordance to the pre set size denominations. Standard items are strategically positioned in order to assemble a complete house. They include doors, window frames, window panes, plumbing pipes, electric wires, taps, sinks, bath tabs, floor tiles, nails, bolts, screws, roofing tiles, water garters, building blocks, door latches, door locks, iron sheets among others. These are produced in common sizes that are universally acknowledged. A typical building assembles these standard items in accordance to a well laid out design. This makes the construction of a building a typical assembly process. For the sake of this extract, a single building is considered. A single self contained one roomed bedsitter. ...
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