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Research Paper example - Software Defined Radio

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Research Paper
Engineering and Construction
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The present decade has placed the telecommunication industry in a constant evolution compared to the past decades. The use of digital technology among other has become significantly relevant in the present life of innovations. The introduction of digital communication has improved the strength of signal transmitted to different receivers globally. …

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This paper approves that the analog to digital converters were also used in the design. The traditional radio receivers used external antenna at radio frequencies. The design engineers could not perform direct digitalization of microwave frequencies which posed a big challenge. The introduction of analog to digital converters made information more accessible and easier to decode. The mobile communication gadgets were fitted with the application from the manufacturers making it easier to convert frequencies. On the other hand, the traditional radio used antennas for single frequency band. Because of the increasing communication jam, engineers designed an application that could accommodate multiple calls at ago.
This report makes a conclusion that the development of software define radio technology has changed the way in which people communicate using mobile phones. Many researchers have been conducted on the suitability of the application and how it could fit in the future world of communication. Wireless and mobility concept has allowed societies to share more information in an efficient and timely manner therefore, bringing life changing services to communities. The radio services have contributed a lot in educating, empowering, and delighting people on how to handle future technological changes. The revolution has changed even the ways in which people carry out their businesses in the present society. Each day experts come up with new methods of wireless communication that enable people to connect, share, and make innovations using wireless and mobility concept. The following application was found out to be very efficient, power saving, and capable of rejecting high levels of frequency interference. ...
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