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Presented by Professor Subject Date Software Defined Radio Introduction The present decade has placed the telecommunication industry in a constant evolution compared to the past decades. The use of digital technology among other has become significantly relevant in the present life of innovations.


The software was introduced to cope with the rapidly growing number of mobile communications by offering new and advanced services. Software Define Radio uses auxiliary radio frequencies in every supported communication standard. In addition, useful technologies in radio frequency engineering that have contributed to the development of the software. The design comprises of power efficient amplifies, linear mixes and techniques for interference rejection (Nesimoglu 87-90). There has also been an increase in the growth of communication services by fixed and mobile telecom operators. Software define radio ensures people have access to a variety of data in any location, and enables easier performance of office and management duties. Moreover, it has contributed to the increasing rise of telecom operator’s individual access to independent internet services through the use of wireless and mobility concept. In addition, the impact of wireless and mobility is analyzed in terms of technologies, disruptive technologies, service provision, standards, regulatory issues, and its impact on business and society. The introduction of software define radio is the emerging technology of future wireless networks. The technology makes use of mobile phones that have enabled constant communication between people wherever they are. In addition, mobile phones have found different uses like mobile banking. ...
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