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FLAWS IN iPHONE 5 Name Institution Abstract Apple Computers Company is a global brand recognized by many consumers due to high innovations and high quality of its products. iPhone 5 is the latest version of mobile communication device produced by Apple enjoy very high sale immediately after its launch.


Flaws in iPhone 5 Introduction Apple Computers Company has its headquarters in California America and is one of the successful and innovative companies across the world. Apple Computer Company has a big market name across the world, which is due to the high innovation and production of unique products. Steve Jobs was the actual founder of Apple Computers Company in 1976 and began to design and produce iPhones, iPods, iOS and iTunes. Apple also produces computes like the Macintosh, Power Mac and Apple Brands. Apple Computers Company under the headship of Steve Jobs was the first company to innovate and design iPod that was unique in the entire electronics markets. “iPhone” is a brand for mobile communication devices designed and manufactured by Apple Computers Company. iPhone exists in series ranging from iPhone iPhone2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and latest iPhone 5. Apple Computers Company released iPhone 5 in September 2012 and managed to sell neatly 5000000 units of the product. Such big sale attributed to the perceived unique features that iPhone 5 exhibited and that created serious anxiety and curiosity among the consumers who could not hesitate from buying the product. ...
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