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Android Operating Systems: Introduction: Operating systems are the backbone to the computers that we have in front of us. For a common user who has no acquaintance with the internal and technical details of the computer body would know little that it is the operating system that serves as the heart to the entire organ of computer.


No computer system can be thought of a complete system without an operating system .Many pioneers in this field have taken the operating system concept to a new dimension. Out of all the operating system pioneers in the field, each of these has a common objective between them and that is to facilitate the common user in a better way, improve the experience of operating system and computer usage and take it to a further improved level. Background: The modern times are categorized by digital era. Computer has been a ubiquitous entity and has engulfed us in all dimensions. This expansion has changed the overall outlook of the world and its activities. This all started in the seventies decade when the operating systems and computing world took a new shape in form of personal computers. Since then the journey has been a continuous one has never stopped. The present day existence is a result of the journey covered in form of different operating systems and different companies contributing in their own right towards what we term as a digitally equipped 21st century. The introduction of smart phones and tablets have given a new dimension to the world of computing and thereby further expanded the market of digital devices with focus of customers on portable devices and their better services. ...
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