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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: 360-Excavator Project Materials for the Boom and Dipper of the Excavator In the manufacturing and fabrication of the excavator, material choice is a vital process, which should be given a serious consideration by the design Engineers.


Excavators do have diverse applications both commercially and industrially. They can be used for river dredging, clearing up bushes, aiding in forest fires’ management, digging up trenches and holes, soil grading by landscapers, mining, and for lifting heavy material. Excavators are such useful machines used to make work easy for human activity. They are used mainly to do the hard jobs in the construction field, which are impossible for human beings and other excavating machines. Therefore, this implies that the material used should be strong and tough enough, to resist the stresses introduced on the dipper and boom while the excavator is at work (Degarmo, Black and Kohser). Otherwise, the excavator may not serve its purpose effectively if weak materials were chosen for fabrication purposes. Another main factor of consideration in the material choice for the excavator fabrication is the cost implication. The material should be cheaply available yet strong and tough enough. The low cost of material will ensure that the excavator is availed for use at affordable prices. However, this notwithstanding, the cost implications of the material should not limit the fabrication process. If at all cheap materials are not available, an alternative strong and tough material ought to be used, even if they are expensive. Nevertheless, this should come as a last resort for the design team. ...
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