The effectiveness of dowel bars in concrete pavements

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The Effectiveness of Dowel Bars in Concrete Pavements Customer Name Tutor Name Introduction This research examines how concrete pavements are strengthened to ensure they have a long life span. This topic is covered comprehensively and in a very systematic manner.


Dowel bars are popularly used in load transfer system over joints. This research paper critical examines various aspects of dowel bars from the theory behind these bars to how they ought to their proper placement in the joints. Stresses in Concrete Pavement A concrete pavement is generally referred to as a rigid pavement. It is multilayered with layers being placed on top of each. The strength of the layers decreases downwards. Figure 1 (Pavement Analysis and Design n.d) The major factors that subject concrete pavements to stresses are “the action of traffic wheel loads, the expansion and contraction of the concrete due to temperature changes, yielding of the subbase or subgrade supporting the concrete pavement, and volumetric changes” (Garber & Hoel 2009, p. 1085). In studying how concrete pavements are subjected to stresses, some basic assumptions have to be made. 1. Concrete pavement slabs are viewed as unreinforced concrete beams. This therefore means that even if there is some reinforcement made, for instance by including steel, it is ignored (Garber & Hoel 2009, p. 1085). 2. Flexural and direct tensile stresses significantly contribute to creation of transverse and longitudinal cracks (Garber & Hoel 2009, p. 1085). 3. The subbase or subgrade layer below the concrete pavement is an elastic material. ...
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