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Research Paper example - Small scale soda bottle rocket launcher capable of shooting a two liter soda bottle repetitively and at different angles

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Research Paper
Engineering and Construction
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Small Scale Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher Capable Of Shooting a Two Liter Soda Bottle Repetitively and At Different Angles [Name of the Writer] [Project Title] [Instructor] [Name of the Institution] [Date] Small Scale Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher Capable Of Shooting a Two Liter Soda Bottle Repetitively and At Different Angles Abstract Soda bottle rocket launcher is capable of launching soda bottle with acceleration greater tan 100 meters per square second that can cover a distance of more than 100 meters…

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Movable joints are utilized to rotate the launcher at different angles. A thin coat of cement is applied to prevent any leak. It helps to understand the laws of physics that are related to the motion of the rocket. Introduction Newton’s Laws of motion play an important role in our life. Laws of motion depict a scientific explanation for the different type of works we do in our daily routine with respect to locomotion and actions related to motion. In vehicular motion, laws of motion play an important role in determining the distance, time and velocity of the moving object. On the other hand, the motion of rocket and similar types of propulsion engines, laws of motion are also utilized to depict the relation between the force, acceleration and mass of the object and the force to carry and move the mass. Rockets works by utilizing second and third law of motion, where the ignited fuel acts as the force to continue the motion of the rocket. ...
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