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Application of machine tool Name: Course: Professor: Application of machine tools Machines are gadgets that make work easier and increase efficiency of doing any task. It is critical for any task to be done in an appropriate and efficient way in order to ensure a high quality outcome.


The tools are made involving more than one process where there is also application of other specialized machines and different tools of trade. Machine tool is a critical aspect in the industrialization of any country due to the position it plays in the economic advancement. The milling gauge is an example of a machine tool application. The machine is used in the manufacturing of arc welding and equipment used for cutting. The milled taper gauge is made with a tapered tip. This is because the tips are used in conditions that are limited to mobility and access to specific areas that need to be welded commonly inside a corner. The way that a milled taper gauge is made is critical and ensures an efficient outcome in the final process. There are several tools and machines used to make a milled taper gauge. The tapered tips on the gadgets are mounted on the front of the torch and normally hard to see around in tight spaces. As such, the gadget is made to have a longer and thinner tip to allow the welder more visibility and movement with ease. The tapered gauge is made using a series of tools and processes whereby the incorporation of a cutter to size up the correct size of the tip is crucial (Snyder, 2004). ...
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