Sustainable Transport and Transport Planning

Sustainable Transport and Transport Planning Assignment example
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Running head: Transport Development in Nottingham [Name] [Course] [Instructor] [Date] Transport Development in Nottingham Take a stroll around Europe and furthermore the U.K. and you will notice the ever bulging traffic situation on the roads within major cities and towns.


These ever increasing numbers have raised a major concern in many local transport development offices and especially the one in Nottingham. The current innovation and construction of the Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two is something to marvel at but a question still remains, will it solve the current traffic issues? Trams have been offering reliable transportation for quite a while now and they will remain a tool of choice for the ordinary commuter. However, the dream to own a car always lingers in each commuter owing to the fact that everyone would like to be picked from their houses and taken to their destinations at their own will. The construction of the transit lines is guaranteed to reduce traffic congestion within the main city center but it does not necessarily mean that people will stop buying cars. The fact that people will always buy cars means that the local civil engineers will have to accommodate this factor while designing and implementing the construction of the transit lines. This means that apart from creating enough room for the trams, the engineers will also have to create enough room for the personal cars as well as commercial vehicles. ...
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