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This article is about Digital Multimeter technology; its history and how it has evolved with time since it was invented up to the time that it was considered to convenient. The article goes ahead to provide graphical analysis of various equipments used in digital multimeter technology.


The user guide could be used by a number of individuals in order to achieve high performance and full control of various electrical installations. The research was undertaken in a school setting by involving students in active participation with the aid of user guides. The students were then assessed and the outcome recorded. The outcome was later used to upgrade the user guide.
Multimeter which is also known as multitester is an electronic gadget that integrates several measurement function of a unit. A multimeter has several features that have the ability to record current, voltage and resistance using the relevant electronic instruments. In the current world multimeter has been upgraded and may use digital and analogue technologies. In that case, they can be referred to as Analog Multimeter (AMM) and Digital Multimeter (DMM). Analogue technology measure signal in non-continuous form while digital measure signal in discreet form.
Thus Analog instruments such as micro ammeter usually have a pointer which moves over a scale attuned for all the dissimilar measurements that can recorded while Digital instruments on the other hand display digits which are sometimes shown on a bar of a length relatively proportional to the magnitude being measured. ...
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