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(Insert name of unit here) (Insert students name here) (Insert name of institution here) 1.0 INTRODUCTION Windows are a major consideration in the design of any building. Windows determine the amount of light entering the building as well as determine the aeration of the room or building.


According to a survey that was carried out by our firm, we realized that many instances windows were severely damaged. Upon keenly studying the damages, it was realized that it was partly due to environmental factors and partly due to poor maintenance. The damages on the widows caused variations in geometric configuration, composition, porosity and adherence of corrosion products. They also cause environmental pollution and humidity and temperature variations. 2.0 BACKGOUND TO THE STUDY Timber has commonly been used in making window frames, because of its accessibility and ease of processing. It has the lowest thermal conductivity compared to other frame materials. Among the commonly used wood species for window frames are redwood, pine and cedar. Wood can be negatively changed by moisture, which can cause its warping or twisting. This fact makes it a mandatory practice to paint timber windows after a specified duration of time like five years. Another material that has been recently used for window frames is a synthetic material called Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is made up of a chain of repeating units of vinyl chloride. PVC comprises of chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen. The PVC exhibit varying characteristics that try to incorporate different additives considered beneficial for the window frames. ...
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