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Cessna 421 Cockpit Modernisation

It uses geared Continental GTSIO-520-D engines. The gearing is such that the drive shaft drives through a set of reducing gears instead of being directly connected to the propeller. The 421 series was first produced in May 1967 followed by the 421A in 1968 which was redesigned in 1970 and sold as the 421B. The 421C came into service in 1975 replacing the earlier versions 421A and the 421B. The aircraft had wet wings, the absence of wing tip fuel tanks and landing gear which was changed from straight leg to a trailing-link design which was produced from 1981 onwards. Its production came to halt in 1985 after 1901 aircrafts had been delivered. The 421C is a light passenger transport aircraft which was approved on October 28, 1975. The aircraft is powered by two Continental GTSIO-520-Ls or Continental GTSIO-520-Ns which are turbocharged, fuel injected and geared six-cylinder horizontally opposed air-cooled piston engine that produce 375hp each. Some general characteristics of this aircraft include a crew of one or two, a capacity of six passengers, and length of 11.09, wingspan of 12.53m, wing area of 19.97m2, empty weight of 4501 lb, height of 3.49m and a maximum takeoff weight of 3379kg. It has a maximum speed of 256 knots with a cruise speed of 240 knots and a range of 2755km. the service ceiling is 9,205 m and a rate of climb of 1940 ft/min. (Cessna 421 Golden Eagle: Cessna model 421C information manual. ...
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The Cessna 421 commonly referred to as the Golden Eagle was developed from the Cessna 411 which was a light, twin engine personal transport aircraft. The old aircraft is unpressurized and uses mechanical gyroscopic instruments in its cockpit…
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