Ethics, professionalism and contemporary Issues

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Name Instructor Course Date Use of technology in Human Trafficking Human trafficking is an organized criminal activity whereby human beings are treated as possession to be controlled and exploited usually for prostitution or involuntary labour. In the United States of America; an estimated one thousand people are trafficked into the country every year, despite human trafficking being illegal.


This makes them easy targets to forced labour and prostitution; the main countries in which this vice of human trafficking is rampant includes India, Mexico, El Salvador and Philippines. There is an estimated ten thousand forced labourers in the U.S. prostitution, poverty; globalization and government corruption are some of the major factors that contribute to the high numbers in human trafficking. Several laws have been passed to try and curb human trafficking and under the U.S code human trafficking is termed as a federal crime. Technology, which generally covers; mobile devices, internet and social media has been instrumental in human trafficking, it has played both a negative and a positive role. The beauty of technology is that it provides better visibility and can help in tracing of people who are involved in human trafficking (Hart 5). Technology has contributed to human trafficking by making it easier for the criminals to advertise and sell their victims. When one searches in the internet, it is very easy to find underage victims who are exploited for sex under online classifieds. In the pornography websites, one will find a section for teen prostitutes; it is then made easier for both parties, the one advertising and the one looking for services to communicate using mobile phones. ...
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