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Name: Instructor: Subject: Date: Ethics issues History and Background The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was created between Kitsap and Peninsula and the Tacoma City in Washington State. The development of the bridge drew a lot of interest that began in the early 1880s.


The development of financing interests for the project began in the 1920s by governments and businesses. The first design for the project was developed by Joseph Strauss and David Steinman who presented a suspended bridge. Due to suspicions that Steinman was not capable of raising sufficient money for the project, the chamber of commerce in Tacoma resorted to terminating its contract in the year 1931. Fresh interests however developed in 1937 with the creation of the Washington State Toll Bridge Authority by Washington State. Using the revenue from the tolls of the bridge, the authority conducted a practicability study. In the end it became clear that the design and construction of the bridge was not possible through the toll revenue finances alone. Another interested body in the building of the bridge was the United States military. The military required a route to directly link the Bremerton’s Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to Army’s McChord Field and Fort Lewis on the side of Tacoma. The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was on the Pierce County of the Narrows (Board of Engineers Appointed to Report on the Failure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Othmar Hermann Ammann 143). It was also in the interest of the federal agencies to create more job opportunities amidst the Great Depression. This set up the political and economic forces that later on contributed to the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. ...
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