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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Industrial Revolution Industrial revolution is a factor of more industries emerging because of increased power of innovation driven by technological advancement. Every technology that is brought forward increases the potential for nations and individual to put up more industries that produces products to cater for increasing market demands globally.


This process continues to add thin layers successively until a solid object appears. The ink used here though, is the material for the three-dimension printer there many ways to apply the ink; an inkjet head may be used to atomizer ultra-thin layers onto a build tray, to treat this layer ultraviolet light exposures does this. The other way is the use of fused deposition modeling system, where plastic is melted in an extrusion head; this followed by a deposition of a thin filament of material that builds layers (The Economist 1). However in other systems, powder is the print medium; the powder is spread as thin layers on a build tray, solidification is aided by a liquid binder. Lasers can be used to melt the powder into the required patterns; this laser sintering process. An electron beam in a vacuum can serve to fuse the powder into printers. The printable materials include; plastics, rubber looking substance, and ceramics. Some investigators have taken advantage of the printing expertise to create active materials; muscles and short stretches of plasma receptacles. ...
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