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Industrial revolution

This process continues to add thin layers successively until a solid object appears. The ink used here though, is the material for the three-dimension printer there many ways to apply the ink; an inkjet head may be used to atomizer ultra-thin layers onto a build tray, to treat this layer ultraviolet light exposures does this. The other way is the use of fused deposition modeling system, where plastic is melted in an extrusion head; this followed by a deposition of a thin filament of material that builds layers (The Economist 1). However in other systems, powder is the print medium; the powder is spread as thin layers on a build tray, solidification is aided by a liquid binder. Lasers can be used to melt the powder into the required patterns; this laser sintering process. An electron beam in a vacuum can serve to fuse the powder into printers. The printable materials include; plastics, rubber looking substance, and ceramics. Some investigators have taken advantage of the printing expertise to create active materials; muscles and short stretches of plasma receptacles. A break through into transplant of major organs made printing of body parts using stem cells. Concerning additive manufacturing solid print utilizes the three-dimension printing to create changes in manufacturing. Today the technology can be used to make jewelry, plastic grips for electric drills, car dashboards, intricate lampshades, and other machine parts. The technology used here works on a principle that utilizes an ultraviolet light beam to solidify thin layers of liquid plastic. It has a minute ink like, and to recap the procedure it increases more melted plastic. 3D printing was an original idea of producing one-off prototypes and it does by cutting down the cost of producing the prototypes. Recently, stylist, contrives, and customers give a go-ahead after being presented with motorized parts, consumer goods and architects` models in 3D before assessment thus, modification can be printed in a little time. A 3D printing can easily be used practically to produce mechanical parts like a gearbox (The Economist 3). For instance, a Boeing F-18 is known to have several printed parts like air ducts, which are lighter in weight. A three-dimension printer creates whole parts. The technology is cost effective in aerospace making, where titanium powder can be used to make parts by using only 10 percent of raw material as opposed to the conventional methods. With the 3D systems, titanium bones can be produced for patients. By using laser-based deposition, some 3D systems builds basic shapes that are easily machined. Finally, 3D systems that produce a variety of prototyping and industrial machines is applied for producing smaller 3D printers for making ornaments and toys.
• Finally about the third industrial revolution, in recent parts, huge machines like the kinetic status in German was used to produce various parts as the efforts of a worker`s thinking to recreate a world of choice. Trade theme parks in Germany shows apparatuses for making archetypes of merchandises. It reveals that old school engineer is about the use of lathes, drills, and moulding machines. Today many Asian, American and European tools are highly automated, where the operator seats in front of computers to control the processes. 3Dprinters have come in to replace the bushing, cutting and bending of material. This is because three-dimension printers shape material deposit by deposit, an chemical addition (additive manufacturing). The future is seen to take this form of 3D printing in manufacturing. This cuts cost for producing customized goods at relatively lower costs (The Economist 2). However, the 3D or additive manufacturing has not been able to manufacture an iPhone or even a car yet, but various parts in a car and iPhone are created using this technology. • The 3D technology in many ways produces more of an outline of how the object looks like and this is a challenge because the extra work required for machining needs a lot of care to produce a good part. It also poses technical challenges, as the part may not meet the original specification if the machining is done erroneously. Structural materials need more technical analysis and guidance that produces the basis for reducing the technicalities faced by conventional cooling methods. For instance, complex structures, which contain vacuums, overhangs, need the appi9cationof gels and necessary materials that gives support, needs great technological application especially when filled with non-fused powder, proper timing needs to be done to know when to blow away the powder. ...
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Industrial revolution is a factor of more industries emerging because of increased power of innovation driven by technological advancement. Every technology that is brought forward increases the potential for nations and individual to put up more industries that produces products to cater for increasing market demands globally…
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