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Oil spills clean-up technology Name Professor Course Date Introduction Oil spills are major phenomena, which have been witnessed for decades. They result in major environmental problems, which may persist for many years. While some of these accidents can be prevented, there are those that happen due to forces that the management has no control over.


Some of these techniques normally lead to other major environmental problems. This is especially the in situ burning technique that has been frequently used especially when dealing with large volumes of oil. As the oil burns, the smoke goes to the atmosphere forming clouds. This may result in oil rains, which cause other major problems to the plants, animals and buildings. Some of the methods such as the bioremediation are slow in eliminating such oil spills. Despite the fact that this method is one of the most effective, its slowness allows some amount of oil to be transported to the seashores. This has an effect to the countries whose main source of income is tourism. This owes to the fact that they are forced to clean up such beaches to remain competitive in the world of tourism. These oil-cleaning techniques have major weaknesses, which will only be resolve when methods that are more effective are invented. Cost has been one of the main hindrances to the use of some of the methods. For instance, some of the techniques such as the mechanical require a backup system. This includes equipment such as booms and skimmers, which are expensive. This equipment is also difficult to obtain compounding matters further. The process of cleaning is also expensive since it requires the services of qualified and experienced personnel. ...
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