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Your name Your college Robotics Project Report Your Professor 28th April 2013 Robotics project report This is project report for a robotics programming project that enables a robot to perform the task of picking up a ball. This is a step by step execution of a program to accomplish the task.


However some technical problems such as weight of the arm and unforeseen parameters of the robot going out of the maze were encountered in execution of the project. The objective of the project is to enable a robot to look for a ball and pick it up while avoiding black lines. The goal is divided into a logical sequence that enables the robot to achieve its goal. The sequence flow is as follows. The necessary parameters for the robot are set, these include the sensors and motors that enable the robot to move. The robot then looks for a ball. It then estimates and determines the distance to the ball. It moves through the distance and then picks up the ball. The robot does all this while avoiding the black lines using the accompanying sensor light. Robotics programming is a developing technology that utilizes principles from varying fields of science. These include mechatronics, electrical engineering, psychology and computer science .The merging of these fields of study produces the fictionalized concept of a robot that has intellect and a nature of its own and works hand in hand with man. Creation of robots from the programming aspects to the development of the mechanical parts has a very diverse effect on man-kind than any other technology that has come about. Robotics poses different arguments from a range of different perspectives that affects human beings. ...
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