Solar Powered Fridge Technical Report Essay example
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<University> Solar Powered Fridge by <Your Name> <Date> <Lecturer’s Name and Course Number> This is a technical paper regarding the working of a solar powered fridge. 2 different prototypes of a solar powered fridge have been discussed in the paper. Apart from this, the uses and drawbacks of using a solar fridge are also discussed.


However majority of the mankind which lives in the developing or third world countries has just recently woken up to the benefits of refrigeration. As these countries continue to grow rapidly, their people will require refrigeration in some form or other. Refrigeration is required not only for keeping food fresh but is also needed for transportation of perishable products like meat, milk etc (, 2013). Although the need for refrigeration is huge, third world countries are suffering from immense energy crisis. Most of these countries do not have the resources to provide electricity to the entire population. Where electricity is available, there are problem of irregular supply and voltage problems. A huge amount of capital is also required to set up power plants in order to provide electricity to all. Such huge amounts of capital are rarely available in third world countries. After the Kyoto protocol, there is also a raised concern of environmental sustainability of economic growth. The model of growth being followed by developed nation is simply not sustainable. Solar power addresses both these concerns – neither does it require immense investment to ensure electricity supply nor does it harm the environment. ...
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