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Name: Institution: Date: Industrial Application of Computers Computer System for the Proposed Paperboard Production Facility Plug-and-play Network Technology for a Quality Control System Introduction For a company that excels in providing just-in-time customer services, there is a need to incorporate a computer integrated production system into its facilities to realize a just-in-time operation for both the ordering and manufacturing paperboards.


The paperboard industry is under pressure to reduce their costs for manufacturing in respond to the conditions of the market. Because of this, the paper industry has embarked on restructuring their systems of production that will see to boosting their profitability and ensure a stable operations and efficiency in maintenance. The paperboard machines are essential for proper manufacturing; however, the machines are challenged in their stable operations to meet the product specifications. To enable the paperboard company meet its market demands, development of a plug-and-play quality control system (QCS) that will optimize services for the paper machine is recommended. Profitable papermaking means continuous production with minimal deviations from quality specifications. While steady-state control performance is essential, the elimination of waste during transitions such as changes of grades and break recoveries is where the greatest economic gains can be achieved. ...
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