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Engineering and Construction Name Institution Engineering and Construction Question one It is in order that the contractor consults with the relevant individuals in the case whereby the tenderer exceeds the budget of the principle. Cheaper plant items could work better if they are replaced with the costly items.


The involvement of the other tenderer that would assist to reduce the gap between the tender and the budget by offering a better solution out of experience from working with different types of tendering items. The tenderer can give directions of acquiring cheaper tools. At the same time, the tenderer can promise to offer a cheaper tender for the same contract. If there is a significant discrepancy noted between the new tenderer and the other tenders, adjustments should therefore be made to seek convenience in the contract. A notification of the tenders- This is to inform you that the scope of the tender has experienced some alterations. According to the budget issued by the principle of the contract, we comprehended that the tenders exceed the budget. Due to lack of enough funds to pay for the project, the project directors have called for the adjustments on the costs of the tender. In that response, I as the contractor, through the guidance of an electrical engineer, have decided to change the scope of the tender so as to reduce the amount of expenditure. The standing mixers in our water plant can be fitted with renovated electrical motors. This would assist the company to achieve some net saving. ...
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