Properties of Self :Compacting Concrete using waste rubber tyres as partial replacement for coarse aggregate.

Properties of Self :Compacting Concrete using  waste rubber tyres as partial replacement for coarse aggregate. Literature review example
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Compacting Concrete Waste Rubber Tyres as Partial Replacement for Course Aggregate Name Institution Literature Review Huge amounts of rubber are produced as waste annually. This is mostly common in countries that are already developed. Such countries include Australia where in 2006 twenty million tires were produced as waste.


They occupy space and are a bad sight. This is besides the fact that they offer perfect breeding grounds for pests (Appleby, 2004, Pg.200). Mosquitoes, rats, mice are just but a few. Some of these such as mosquitoes spread diseases such as malaria. Rice and mice is a nuisance. The accumulated heaps of tires are prone to fires. This is because rubber is a substance that can easily catch fire. Once the fire starts, the destruction is always very devastating. They are difficult to put off and leave behind a trail of destruction. The smoke from the fires pollutes the environment. It reduces visibility and releases harmful substances into the atmosphere. All these negative effects of waste rubber lead to the need for a lasting solution (Barragan, 2005, Pg.45). Self-compacting concrete is one of such solutions. It refers to a form of concrete that does not require compression machines to be compressed into the building blocks. It flows freely under its own weight and keeps a uniform mixture composition. It has three major characteristics. It fills the building space easily, passes through the building space easily, and maintains its homogenous nature throughout the whole process. Self-compacting concrete can change shape in order to attain the shape of the destination place. It has a deformability aspect. Besides these three, it has other characteristics. ...
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