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Written Statement Considering the fact that manufacturers of the electronic devices appreciate detailed feedbacks, the regarded oscilloscope should be regarded from the position of a marketing object, as well as a research tool that needs improvements. The feedbacks were gathered in private discussions with the oscilloscope owners, as well as on web forums.


Therefore, these explanations were added. The detailed users’ feedbacks are not required, nevertheless, the key aspects of improving the guide are as follows: 1. The detailed explanations of the basic experiments will help to maximize the educational aspect of the document. Therefore, it should be stated that the actual importance of the feedbacks is explained by the necessity of adding self-descriptiveness for the guide. 2. The guide needs to pay more attention to safety. Since it is not a household device, and it may be used for measuring and analysing high voltage currents, the safety of a user is a cornerstone of the effective research. 3. The guide should be offered in hard- and soft-copies, and an extended remote assistance should be provided. It will help to gather feedbacks, and improve the device itself, as well as the guide. The results of the research involve the proper analysis of the functions and options offered by the oscilloscope, however, the experiments held are of the educational nature mainly.
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