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Runway properties - Dissertation Example


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Runway properties

There are two categories of landing distance; the actual landing distance, and the required landing distance. The actual landing distance is the total distance taken in landing and completely stopping after crossing the run way thresh hold at 50 ft (Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand 2011). Required landing distance is the distance taken after a factor is applied to the actual landing distance. The aviation authorities in Europe (JAA) and the United States (FAA) have, however, developed standard required runway distance as a measure to reduce the high number of accident that occurs during landing. The landing distance requirements are dependent on the types of plane which could either be air carrier, commuter planes or cargo planes. These landing length requirements are developed in accordance to the manufacturers characteristics based on maximum weights of the airplane. The different landing lengths for the planes are 112800 feet for the air carriers, 9350 feet for the commuter planes and 13900 feet for the cargo planes. In wet conditions the landing length for the air carrier is 7000 feet, 6400 feet for commuter planes and 8900 feet for cargo planes. ...
re determined by testing the flights under a variety of conditions which include flying the flight from 50 ft above the runway thresh hold, achieving a stable touch down without extending the flare and applying the maximum pedal braking systems from the gear of the main landing touchdown. During the landing process, the pilots do

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not land with the brakes applied. The feet should be set on the rudder pedal to ensure that they are not accidentally engaging the brake pedals. The pilot waits until there is weight on the wheels. This occurs when the nose wheel of the plane reaches the ground before applying the brakes (Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand 2011). At the touchdown of the plane, it should be adequately stable such that the centerline is in between the main wheels. While landing on a wide run way, the plane must land on the centerline different from narrower runways where you have no choice (Ashford & Wright 1992). There are several types of braking systems in planes which include pedal braking, auto brakes and applying the use of thrust reversers used in extreme conditions. The touchdown is supposed to be in such a way that the nose wheel of the plane remains in the air in the first 50 ft of the rollout. The gentleness of the touchdown determines the ability of the pilot to control the landing process. Some of the requirements for appropriate landing especially where the run way is short, narrow and has dusty winds include; choosing the most appropriate pathway, selecting and using the correct configuration, touching down at the right time, touching down at an appropriate low speed and effectively using the brakes (Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand 2011). Additional to the effect of water, snow and other wet conditions on the landing distance it also


Runway Properties Name University Course Tutor Date Runway properties Introduction The landing process of a plane involves several procedures and phases different from the other sections of the flight. The pilot plans for three issues, which include the approach, the landing and the go around process…
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Runway properties essay example
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