Soil strengthening of age-old-designed railway tracks

Soil strengthening of age-old-designed railway tracks Research Paper example
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Soil Strengthening of age-old-designed Railway Tracks Code + course name Professor’s name University name City, State Date Abstract Railway is a significant sector of Australian Transportation Network. History of Australian Railways goes back to 1850. Australian Railway network comprises of more than 40,000 kilometers.


Moreover, today’s consumer demands push for speed and heavier load. It is obvious that a significant segment of the existing railway network, which was built about 60 to 100 years ago, requires strengthening of the track bed, especially the sub-grade. The issue is not something new and unfamiliar. Rehabilitation of existing rail track is a part of routine work in the USA, Canada, and European countries. That is why; methods and techniques are known and have been in practice for many years. However, many conventional methods require dismantling of a major section of railway transportation network. This is not an option for Australian Transportation Department. This research proposes a technique that has been in use for the last three decades in countries like USA, Canada, Western European countries, and India. This new technique is cost effective, technically proven and does not require entire track dismantling. Table of Content Index Page Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Summary 6 Methodology 7 Results and Findings 8 Discussion 10 Conclusion and Recommendation 13 Reference List 16 Soil Strengthening of age-old-designed Railway Tracks Introduction In Australia, the railway system is a major infrastructure used in transporting goods and passengers. The railway lines are 60 to 100 years old, and do not meet modern railway traffic requirement. ...
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