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Company profile: Lantex originally hailing from United Kingdom falls in the specialized services of manufacturing relevant to the textile productions and manufacturing. While it specializes in the textile industry, it has expanded its horizons with passage of time and started promoting and providing services in the domain of food industry, kitchen wear, catering services, towels and other daily use products of similar kind.


However, since improvement is a continuous process, thereby certain changes and improved are desired which can be carried out in a collective way. Aims and objectives: The aims and objectives in the generic and simple terms can be defined as the overcoming of challenges faced along with the exploration of the new openings and horizons which would allow the company to perform further better and stand an edge over the compatriots in the same industry. Keywords: Market share, customers’ satisfaction, quality services. Challenges faced: Every new day brings along a new challenge with itself in the global scenario of organizations especially when the organization works on global trends and international level. Lantex is no exception and it is faced with equal number of challenges and this has caught the attention of the top management and thereby they have decided to investigate the overall scenario and look deep into the various sections and entities of the organization. ...
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