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Essay example - What does a geomatic engineer do in his career and what are the future prospectus of this career?

What does a geomatic engineer do in his career and what are the future prospectus of this career? Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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Locational data includes physical maps’ underpinning so that navigational information and different types of data based on map can be obtained. These maps provide the details of geology, meteorology, and demography of different areas. …

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Most of the tasks and activities of the geomatic engineers are integrally linked with civil engineering. Such tasks include but are not limited to mapping for the construction projects, control surveys, and preparation of design and layout of the urban subdivisions and public infrastructure. The graduates of geomatics engineering make use of a diverse array of technologically advanced tools such as the equipment of Global Positioning System (GPS), digital total stations, computer-based geographic information systems (GIS), and digital aerial imagery done with the help of satellites. The level of education required to serve as a geomatic engineer varies from one organization and country to another. However, in general, highly qualified and educated geomatic engineers get more and better opportunities of employment like positions in academic and research organizations. Generally, a four year degree is required to be able to survey the oil and gas sites. Geomatic engineers design systems in order to gather locational data. Design and use of these systems is critical for a wide range of applications including scientific surveys and navigation systems in cars. In the field of geomatic engineering, advanced degrees are also available as geomatic engineering integrates a variety of disciplines like mathematics, geology, and surveying. ...
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