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RENEWABLE ENERGY – A COMPARISON BETWEEN AUSTRALIA & BANGLADESH AND WITH OTHER MAJOR PLAYERS OF THE WORLD ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Table of Contents Heading Page No Abstract 4 1 Introduction 5 2 What is Hydropower? 5 2.1 Australia’s Hydropower Initiatives 7 2.2 Global Hydro Power Trends 10 2.3 Future Global Outlook for Hydropower 12 2.4 Australia’s Wind Energy Capabilities 13 3 Hydropower and Wind Energy Sectors of Bangladesh 17 3.1 Wind Energy of Bangladesh 19 4 Other Major Hydropower International Players 23 4.1 China’s Hydrocarbon Projects 23 4.2 Brazil’s Hydropower Projects 24 4.3 Venezuela Hydropower Competence 26 4.4 Hydropower Capacity of Russia 27 4.5 USA’s Hydropower Capacity 27 4…


23 7 USA’s Largest Hydropower Capacity Dams 8 Top Five Wind Power Generators by Total Capacity ( As of December 2010) 29 List of Figures Heading Page No 1 Typical Low Head Hydropower Plant with Storage 7 2 Actual Electricity Produced in Australia in 2012 8 3 Wind Potential around Australia 15 4 Wind Power Installed by State 15 5 Brazil’s Hydropower Projects 24 6 Total Energy Consumption in Venezuela 26 7 Venezuela Power Generation 26 Abstract Australian government has set a target of 20% of Australian electricity needs to be catered from the renewable- energy sources by the year 2020. ...
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I’m thankful for the constant moral support of my friends and family without which this work would have been impossible. Muhammad Asif Chowdhury Student ID: 17448316 Master of Electrical Engineering, University of Western Sydney Table of Contents Abstract……………………………………………………………………………. 5 1-…
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