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Developing Sustainable Structures Mobile Home Valued eMachines Customer Mobile Homes Mobile home is a prefabricated design that, due to its ease with mobility, is constructed for a short term dwelling. They are generally used in areas where climatic conditions are friendly.


Mobile homes are being fabricated in advanced countries because these countries are able to venture into such projects that need real time testing and thus can bear contingency challenges in this technology. These fabricated houses are manufactured in factories from where an assembly line, shapes and, puts the pieces together for transported to its destination. They are usually temporary in some places, whereas they can be employed as a permanent solution where ambiance is friendly for their deployment. The house rests on a permanent chassis that is actually the foundation of the house. This foundation provides for three main aspects; one, the flooring, second is the mobility, third, lifting of the one piece foundation. (Britto, Et al., 2008) As it is seen that many mobile houses are being developed and deployed in US, UK, Israel etc, the special advantage that has inflated their importance is the option of their transportation with ease. To many the concept of aerial transportation can be new yet it is viable. A gross analysis can be suggested to have these aerially mobile houses must be small in size. This is because of the endurance, stress-strain constraints, airlifting ability, technical difficulties in building perfectly balanced model. ...
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