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Title: Stress Measurement Introduction: As had been defined in the studies by Shadrach and Vadivelu (2007), the definition of photoelasticity can be explained as follows: “The phenomenon of induced birefringence by the application of mechanical stress is called photoelasticity.” If there is mechanical stress on a material, then isotropic nature of the material would be obtained.


Although photoelasticity has been in use since many years, in the present times, its use in the measurement and analysis of stress has developed with the increasing development in technology, particularly with the development of computers. Computers have enabled the enhancement of numerical techniques required for effective measurement of stress. The application of the use of photoelasticity in the measurement of stress has further enhanced with the recent developments in laser, fiber optics, image analysis, and acquisition of data (Chapter 4: Photoelasticity n.d.). The present study focuses on the principle of stress measurement using photoelastic technique, and use of strain gauges, trying to understand the physical principle on which the technology is based and the procedure that is used for the stress measurement technique. Fundamentals of Photoelasticity: Considering a photoelastic material, the field of stress obtained on the material can be associated with its refraction index (Singh 2010). The index of refraction can be understood through Maxwell’s stress optic laws. ...
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