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Project Management [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Project Management – Quality Management in Construction Projects Introduction While carrying out a project, quality holds significant importance since the success of a project largely depends on the quality control.


Therefore, in order to come up with successful, reliable and efficient projects, project managers are required to have a keen interest in managing quality of a project and shall also consider factors influencing quality of a project (Chen, 2010; Levy, 2011). This paper includes a discussion of how various factors influence the quality management process in a project management scenario and what different alternatives for managing quality and recommendations on how further improvements in quality of a project can be attained. Quality Control / Management – Definition Quality control or management can be defined as a process aimed at ensuring that a project which involves manufacturing a product or rendering of a service is able to a predefined and acceptable level of quality. The process of controlling or managing quality includes initiatives and steps taken by the responsible persons to verify and test whether the project is adhering to a certain predefined sets of quality assurance standards (Levy, 2011; Lester, 2007). The Project Management Process The process of project management is a purely managerial activity which involves planning and managing activities related to a project. ...
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