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A NEW ZEALAND AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP by Your Name Name of Your Class Name of your instructor Name of your school City and State of your school May 22, 2012 Abstract As with most countries, New Zealand has a true need for automotive repair workshops. There are many ways a person can go about operating such a business, but there are specific core areas which are vital to be included in any successful automotive business.


This paper will discuss the eight core areas and will give examples of the areas in terms of how they operate in reality. Introduction There is a wide variety of approaches to having an automotive shop in New Zealand. There are independently owned shops, franchise owned shops, and franchise shops that are independently owned and shops tied into automotive dealerships. There are also those who perform automotive repair on the side out of a person’s home. There are many options for those looking to enter into the automotive repair industry and looking for an automotive shop in which to get their repairs completed. Some examples of franchise automotive repair shops in New Zealand are Midas and Sears Automotive. While independently owned shops include Bell Automotive and Automotive Solutions. Franchise shops are those that can be found in multiple locations and often in multiple countries. They tend to have the same policies from location to location and operate in the same manner. Independently owned businesses tend to only have one or maybe two locations and are usually unique to the town or city in which they are located. ...
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