Multy-story building: Finite element modelling

Multy-story building: Finite element modelling Essay example
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ABSTRACT: In order to prevail over experimental limitations, finite element modeling is often used to forecast and examine the performance of structures. Despite this, 3-D analysis of high-rise buildings is difficult and intricate because of certain software restrictions.


The results from the analysis of a high-rise frame structure with a concrete core will be used to determine how dependable this process actually is. KEYWORDS: Multi-story buildings, Equivalent cubes 1. INTRODUCTION Finite element modeling is often used to prevail over overcome experimental limitations in forecasting and examining the performance of structures. When planning and examining the performance of high-rise buildings, it is critical that a successful modeling practice is used due to the difficulties of real structural behavior and full scale measurement. Previously, a number of different modeling techniques have been used to examine the performance of high-rise buildings [1-6]. Pekau et al. [1, 2] introduced the “Finite Story Method,” which can reduce the unknowns of each storey in a high-rise building, thus improving the computing efficiency considerably. A program developed by Oztorun et al. [3] contains a special mesh generation subroutine and graphics program for the finite element analysis of shear walls in buildings. Through this program, beams or columns can be put in or taken out at a moment’s notice; this makes the modeling process suitable. Mahendran et al. ...
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