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Velocity sensors - Research Paper Example


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Velocity sensors

This means that every step taken by this individual must move the person further from their starting point. The person should not change direction and begin to return to their starting points. Velocity sensors rely on vector as a quantity because velocity is dependent on direction. During an evaluation of velocity, it is essential to track the direction of the object. The velocity sensor indicates the velocity of the entity and the direction information in order to describe the velocity of this object. For instance, the velocity sensor may indicate velocity as 55 mi/hr east (Fraden 31). This provides the differences between velocity and speed because speed does not keep track of direction and it is a scalar quantity. Vector is direction aware and a vector quantity. History of the Sensor Sensors have been around since 1883. They have existed in different forms and for different purposes. The first thermostat was made, in 1883. This thermostat can be considered as the first manmade and modern sensor. The 1940s saw the introduction of infrared sensors. However, these sensors gained wide acceptance, in the 1980s (Fraden 41). Thereafter, motion sensors were introduced and they are widely used in different situations. Sensors were introduced because of human need to convert and compute physical quantities. Electronic instruments eased the process of converting and measuring signals from different sources and displaying the physical quantities on an electronic instrument. For instance, the thermostat

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converts temperature into contractions and expansions, read on a calibrated glass tube (Marilyn 19). Additionally, a thermocouple converts temperature to output voltage that can be read using a voltmeter. It is essential to note that sensors are calibrated based on physical standards. Who Invented the Sensor? Different types of sensors were invented on different dates and by different individuals. Warren S. Johnson invented the electric thermostat. Though the first electric thermostat seemed crude to the modern sensors used currently, they kept temperatures within accurate degrees. Additionally, the first motion sensor was introduced in the 1950s as a project for the development of car alarm systems (Fraden 69). The motion sensor was an invention of Samuel Bagno. The motion sensor developed by Bagno used ultrasonic frequencies and the Doppler Effect. How Is It Currently Used In Industry A velocity sensor is currently used to indicate speed and direction. Currently, the velocity sensor evaluates the velocity of objects and the direction taken by the object. For instance, the military and aerospace industry uses the velocity sensor to trace vehicles, objects and airplanes (Marilyn 48). The sensor has been used in warships and fighter jets in order to identify incoming objects. At airports, towers have velocity sensors that indicate incoming and outgoing airplanes and the directions taken by the airplanes. Theory behind Sensor A velocity sensor evaluates the changes in position of an object. In order for the sensor to determine the changes in direction, it is essential for the object to maintain its course and not return to its original position. Additionally, the object should not change its course within the range of the sensor. The velocity sensor is dependent on vector. The direction of velocity is comparable to direction that the object assumes. The velocity sen


Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Velocity Sensors Abstract of Sensor A velocity sensor is a crucial tool that is used to determine the rate of change of position of an object. For instance, the device determines change of position when an object moves forward or backwards…
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Velocity sensors essay example
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