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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Limit Switches Abstract and Introduction of Sensor Abstract In this paper, several aspects regarding limit switches are considered, firstly, there is the introductory part of the limit switches and the roles they operate as sensors.


The theoretical understanding on how the sensor operates and achieves it roles is also adequately highlighted considering the glaring points and lastly there is a conclusion that considers all the possible developments that should be embraces in the sensors if they have to be dependable. Introduction It is important to understand that limit switches are the type of sensor that are used for the recognition of absence or presence. In this doing, limit switches as a form of sensors do have the arm, lever, plunger and knob that is either physically of mechanical activated to make contact with adjusted objects, with the contact existing between the objects and the switch’s actuator and moves it to the ‘limit’. With this kind of operation, it is possible to mount a limit switch in a remote location to enable its actuation by another object and not necessarily a human being. A limit switch plays the following roles; detecting the presence and absence, speed detection, counting, detection of movement range, breaking of circuits when required due to unsafe situations (Zhang 57a). ...
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