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Continuous type

This is well explained under the subtopic “Theory behind the Sensor”, finally, there is a conclusion that makes projection on the possible future improvements on the sensor. Introduction The main role of the continuous sensor is to convert the physical phenomenon into those signals that are measurable. Sensors are classified into two broad categories; the analogue and the digital, in the analogue sensors, we expect ranges of values to be given while in the digital sensors, we only have true/false or on/off result. Analogue sensors measure the physical phenomenon and in this case, we can consider the devices that are used to record temperatures, that is, thermometer. These sensors are able to process the input information and interpret it into those standards that are familiar or required. The following are physical phenomenon that can be ascertained using sensors sound, pressure, angular and linear position, acceleration, temperature and the intensity of light. Notwithstanding, even with the fact that sensors are able to interpret physical phenomenon’s and accounts for them in a measurable way, there are certain limitation associated with sensors, this includes accuracy, linearity, resolution, repeatability, range and precision (Bryan and Bryan 46). ...
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Date Continuous Sensors Abstract and Introduction of Sensor Abstract This paper looks into the type of sensors referred to as continuous sensors, in the paper, a history of the sensor has been considered in reference to its invention, where the sensor has been used, and the improvement that has been realized in it…
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