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Engineering and Construction
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Name: Instructor’s name: Subject: Date of submission: Suppliers and customers Suppliers Instructors As an engineering student, the essence of college education is to gain competence. Instructors play a central role in supplying the necessary skills. Lecturers are expected to support students in the emotional and social functioning in academic environments.


The students create a demand for the services offered by the professional fraternity. Instructors are expected to offer a conducive social environment that encourages responsiveness in a class or lecture hall (Tomas 31). The teachings delivered are expected to increase student productivity in the engineering field. This includes using competitive instructional formats and preparation for the job market. Registrar The role of registrar is to facilitate admission and ensure the enrolment of engineering students is smooth. This includes ensuring the integrity of examinations and clear submission of thesis and other academic requirements are fulfilled. The office of registrar ensures the logistical preparedness of the student is achieved. This also entails considering the students under interdisciplinary programs have maximized their services with minimal interferences. The number of students is directly proportional to the workload in the office of registrar. This means that students affect the demand to registrar services. Cafeteria This is the place where students get meals. The profitability of cafeteria business depends on the number of students using the service. The cafeteria system supplies food to the other stakeholders who include lecturers and students. ...
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