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Monitoring Pain Response in DBS Patients Institution Professor Course Date of submission Abstract DBS is a surgical technique used to treat movement diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, in which it acts to relieve the patients of pain. Since its introduction, this technique has been formula replacing other traditional methods such as ablative procedures.


As a result, researchers have presented several studies to determine and explain the DBS mechanism in a way that people could understand. High-frequency stimulation is the method used to minimize the tremors and seizures (Kim 2013). DBS is believed to trigger the release of neurochemical by the application of high frequency stimulation. DBS is beneficial in this filled because it helps in relief and management of pain in patients with movement disorders. However, it also presents several challenges that threaten its effective application, for example, recent and future changes in technology, attitude, as well as health risks such as brain bleeding, stroke among others (Kim 2013). This paper seeks to explore this topic by looking at literature review if the issue, recent developments and its benefits in the area of biomedical engineering. Introduction DBS is a surgical treatment whereby a neurostimulator device delivers minute electrical signals to the parts of the brain that controls movement. This occurs in three parts; first, a thin insulated wire referred to as electrode is placed into the brain. Second, a neurostimulator (pace-maker like device) is placed under the skin near the collarbone or may be placed somewhere else in the body. Lastly, an extension in the form of another thin, insulated wire connects the electrode to the neurostimulator. ...
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