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Nevertheless world is going to need alternative energy sources sooner or later because of this reason the America has started a war against Iraq in the name of uprooting global terrorism. But in reality America wanted to get its hands of Iraqi oil fields. On the other hand US have indulged itself with a useless military confrontation in Afghanistan so that it can get near to the hot waters of Pakistan. The American nation is getting ready to fight a future war that will be fought on the water disputes. The western nations are increasingly concerned about the futuristic outlook of the world regarding energy production while under developed nations are not bothered by the griming condition of world’s most significant oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia. Furthermore an interesting note has been shared by a research which conveyed that humanity is wasting two barrels of oil in order to extract a new one. The above mentioned statement pointed out to the fact that oil extraction and refinement systems are not efficient because they are presently consuming more oil than their production, this is causing the net availability of oil products to decrease on a worldwide basis. Moreover oil producing companies are reportedly believed to have been involved in hindering the development of alternative energy sources because these projects can cut down oil producers’ margin for good. The supporters of alternative energy are considering battery power as a bailout for energy crisis of the world. Some of the pranks say that wind energy can save the world from acute lack of energy sources. But the problem is that all of the ideas are innovative but impractical at this time because they need financial muscle to prove their applicability on the vast scale. Yet the world’s oil supplies are going down this is a given and in the few years world will turn to renewable energy sources. Meanwhile the countries should enhance the efficiency of oil extracting and refinement processes in order to minimize the wastage of oil while it is being produced. In addition The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ ability to form an oligopoly should be minimized with the help of implementing stricter trade and commerce laws on oil business. The global oil regularity authorities are suggested to conduct an impartial assessment of current level of oil left in the earth. The oil producing corporations are also known to expedite oil extraction projects without the consent of surrounding population which causes a huge population displacement. These oil extraction processes are also notorious for causing immeasurable pollution and weakening the structural integrity of the ground that makes it prone towards experiencing seismic activities such as earthquakes of higher magnitude. The global political scenario is also playing a significant role in terms of not letting the alternative energy projects to propagate freely. But, they are advised to support these alternative energy ventures because they may represent humanity’s only chance against serious power shortage in the future. Finally if humanity fails to fight the threat of oil shortage then humans have to revert towards simpler existence that may include the use of horses as transportation mean and wood would be used to generate heat and cook food. Literature Review In the view of Dresselhaus & Thomson, (2001) world needs the alternative ...Show more


The World of Alternative Energy Sources Name Institution The World of Alternative Energy Sources Introduction The world’s oil and fossil fuels are running out and therefore global economic forces are on the hunt to search for sources of alternative and renewable energy…
Author : froberts
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