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Literature review example - The effects of redundancy in an engineering workshop in the British Army

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Literature review
Engineering and Construction
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Redundancy in REME British Workshop Many royal engineers and mechanical engineers in a British army workshop are becoming redundant together with the many others soldiers who vacate the forces each year. Many of those forces from the positions sift into associated fields like the police force, the prison service, and to institutions dealing with safety matters, whereas corporals and sergeants (together with their navy and air force associates) create greatly efficient leaders in departments like transport (Royal logistics corps), telecoms (Royal signals), mechanical (Mechanical engineers), as well as Construction (Royal engineers)…

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It is vital that troops have enough supply of ammunition, food, water, spares, and fuel, tools should remain serviced, arrangements should remain created to fit each contingency; linkage channels should remain formed and maintained, bridges and roads should remain mend; and casualties should have cure and discharged. The managerial, management of a scheme and vocational skills needed are those required in every enterprise with the extra technicality that they should remain precisely used in situations that can be both physically demanding and potentially disastrous. Life in the forces forms flexible, task oriented and dynamic group participants who have knowledge of scheme control, strategic arrangement and, importantly organizational ruling. The officers in addition appear to have adequate knowledge in different fields having passed through so many educative stages in the army (Perks, 2010: p. 250). ...
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