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Heat transfer Equipment Author Tutor’s name Institution Course grade 3rd May 2012 Heat transfer Equipment This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the different designs of heat-transfer equipment, commonly utilized by engineers in developing functional equipment for performing specified heat related activities.


Within the real environment, the operational requirements include flexibility and maintainability of the equipment, in an economically viable manner. Economic and operational viability considerations should ensure the sustainability of the equipment in the real environment. The operation of the equipment in the real environment relies heavily on the adaptability of the equipment to the environment, and the closeness of the idealized and real situations. The designing should consider the implications presented by the processes of transferring heat between different mediums. The heat-transfer coefficient could be utilized to calculate the changes expected during transferring of heat from the equipment to the environment. This coefficient could be utilized in establishing the heat losses experienced during transfer from heating elements to the required environment. The overall coefficients remain totally related to the specified film transfer coefficients and resistances. The coefficients of the materials sometimes contain a significant variance, and during designing, engineers should take care to ensure the variance does not become large. The engineers ought to utilize proper equations in establishing the coefficients and ensuring correctness of mean temperature difference. ...
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