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Scattering of lamb waves from typical structure defects in plates Name: Institution: Course: Tutor name: Date: July 9, 2013 Scattering of lamb waves from typical structure defects in plates Executive summary Structural health monitoring is a process of periodic detection of damages on structure’s components, as well as development and implementation of plans for remedying of the detected damages.


Lamb wave based SHM however relies on wave propagation, offers characteristics of efficiency and convenience and this study seeks to investigate its application. The study is significant to structural health monitoring and involved stakeholders to monitoring processes because it seeks to validate a convenient and cheaper monitoring approach towards higher survivability of structures. The study aims at investigating feasibility of application of 3D laser vibrometer in conjunction with Lamb wave technique. This will incorporate literature review, implementation of experimental and specimen design, measurement of scattering waves on used structures, and analysis of results. Numerical approach was used to investigate robustness of the lamb wave model. A validated simulation study was done using ANSYS program to study propagation and scattering of waves and an experiment to investigate propagation and scattering of waves was done on aluminium specimens with the aid of 3D vibrometer. The simulation and the experiment identified effects of a blind hole on wave propagation and scattering. Validation of the simulation demonstrated point differences in propagation and scattering relative to position of a blind hole. ...
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